Our Group
A compact and winning group moved by optimism and working together in one direction: the promotion of its customers success and the acknowledgement by the market that Comestero Sistemi is a model and a true reference for quality and innovation, able to give great values through expertise, products and services.

120 employees (in Italy & UK)
4 local office (3 National and 1 International)
3 Production site
A worldwide sales network in 29 countries

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Penta Group S.r.l.
Penta Group, founded in 1999 from the collaboration between Comestero Sistemi and professionals in the field, is specialized in customization and assembly of electrical, electronic and electromechanical components.
A company, that with the support of the technician laboratory of Comestero Sistemi, provides highly qualified advice following the customer in every step from design to production.
The headquarters of Penta Group is in Ornago (MB) in an independent building completely dedicated to the production of 1.600mq.

Main activities and equipment:
  • Automated processes of cutting single and multicore cables
  • Automatic and semi-automatic crimping
  • Production processes with low pressure molding machines
  • Assembly mechanical lines
  • Test stations multi connection with the possibility to realized dielectric test
  • Quality control 100% of agraffature by means of load cells
  • Welding stations
  • Wiring boards
  • Banding station automatic
  • Mechanical processing stations
  • 130 miniapplicators dedicated to the seaming quality of the best brands.
  • Processes of customization and assembly dedicated
  • Power wiring
  • Wiring simple and branched
  • Comestero Sistemi S.p.A.
    Since 1976 Comestero Sistemi has specialized in the production of items and components for the electromechanical and electronics industry.

    The headquarters is in Vimercate, at 30 km north-east of Milan, on an area of 7000sqm was built 1000 sqm of office, 2500sqm of warehouses and logistics, with 500sqm of technical laboratory, quality control and research and development of new products.
    In the offices are located: General Management, Administration, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales, Customer Service and R & D.

    The staff of offices located in Cittadella (PD) and Ozzano Emilia (BO) carry out the sales and marketing support to customers in the Northeast and Central Italy.

    The wide range of products includes:
    Fans and Motors (Axial Fans AC/DC, Blower, Radial, Big size, Motors, Fans IP54, Shaded Pole Motor)
    EMI/RFI Filters (Inlet and outlet filters, home house appliances filters, box and three-phase filters and customized)
    Power Supply (IEC320 connectors, plugs and outlets, adapters, plugs Industrial Circuit breakers differentials)
    Switches (Switches and buttons diam. 16, toggle switches, rocker and waterproof switches, Microswitches, Antivandal pushbuttons and CAM Switches)
    Protections (thermal protection, Thermalcutoff, Cylindrical and PCB fuses, Magneto-hydraulic and magneto-thermal Circuit breackers)
    NSF Controls Ltd.
    NSF Controls, born in England in 1948 is part of the Group Comestero Sistemi since 1997, it has been a European leader in the design and manufacture of linear and rotary solenoids.
    A structure of more than 90 people between R & D and production, which thanks to a team of highly qualified engineers, is able to follow the customers from prototipation to series production.

    NSF Controls assert itself in some of the most demanding fields, getting several awards especially in the military, medical and smart meters fileds.
    The NSF production affect solenoids DC in versions Open and Tubular, Low Profile, Custom and Special switches as the free-way switch .

    PhiDrive Srl
    Phidrive, innovative start-up, founded in 2013 develops linear and rotary drives compatible with piezoelectric, pneumatic and magnetic actuators.
    High precision in placement; an E-Green spirit by low energy consumption and the absence of lubricant make this production suitable for several applications. .

    An easy design allows a high customization and miniaturization based on demand and customer need.
    The high level of innovation has allowed it to be recognized on national and European level receiving many awards:
    Winner of Italian National industrial Innovation
    Winner of 2 Start Cup 2012
    Winner of 2 Special Innovation Award
    H2020 – SME Instrument – area spazio

    Penta Group S.r.l. - P.IVA 02924230960 CCIAA Monza e Brianza N° REA 1604316 – Capitale sociale € 10.000 I.V.
    Via Ciucani 17 20876 Ornago (MB) – Tel. +39 039.6612820 – Fax. +39 039.6880435 – info@pentagroupsrl.it - Privacy Policy